Permian | Alternative investments are growing fast in the Nordics.
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Alternative investments are growing fast in the Nordics.

Permian has promoted Agata Sniecikowska to Chief Growth Officer for their Swedish branch. She will keep a keen eye on developments within the fund industry.

In line with Permian’s value of promoting their employees, it is a forward-leaning and solution-oriented Agata embarking on a new journey – a hunt for further growth. The management of Permian praises Agata for her bridge-building abilities along with her passionate for good customer experiences.

– We need to find the right balance when it comes to growth. Not too slow, but at the same time not too aggressive. We must achieve sustainable growth, says Agata. At the same time Permian will never compromise on the quality of our deliveries.

Agata takes on the role as Chief Growth Officer at Permian Administration AB. She was previously both a fund administrator and marketing and business development manager for the company. Her journey at Permian started in September 2016.

On her first working day in Oslo, she was still in the process of earning her master’s degree in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School.

– For a while, I had to commute weekly between Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Agata says.

A drive for development
However, it was neither in Oslo nor in Copenhagen that Agata would eventually settle down. She wanted to experience a bigger city with even more pulse and new challenges. So, when she got her permanent job offer, Agata decided to try her hand in another Scandinavian capital,  Stockholm.

– I wanted to go there to help create and shape the office from the get-go. The Oslo office was already established a few years in advance and in Sweden things were still in the exciting start-up phase. I wanted to be where the challenges were the greatest, and I was tempted by Stockholm’s energy.

Swedes have a longer tradition of investing in funds than Norwegians do. The fund pool has been broader and larger from the very start, and each year more funds are being established in Sweden than in Norway.

Numbers from Argentum, a company that register all activities in private equities, tells us that the activity was especially solid for Nordic businesses in the venture phase in 2019. The number of investments increased for the third year in a row and finally surpassed the €1 billion mark.

Hot topic
It will now be Agata’s responsibility to retain Permian’s position as the leading fund administrator in the Nordic region. Permian currently operates in Norway and Sweden.

At the same time, she will ensure continued sustainable growth by taking new market shares and designing strategies for the company while maintaining Permian’s vision: “Everything correct – always.”

– Funds are a hot topic in Sweden, says Agata.

However, it is not only in her professional life Agata seeks new experiences and impressions. Free time is spent partly to discover new cuisine from around the world, as cooking is a big passion of hers.

Where does the journey go when international travel re-opens?

– The list is long. We had a trip to California planned right before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and we’re still keen on doing that. Dutch Antilles is also on the list, Agata concludes.

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