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AML-reporting to Finansinspektionen

New anti-money laundering legislation has entered into force in Sweden. According to this new regulation, AIF managers must report data that enables Finansinspektionen to assess the risk that these firms will be used for money laundering and financing of terrorism.

AIF managers must submit this data on a yearly basis through FI’s digital system for periodic reporting. The data must be submitted to FI no later than 31 March and refer to the balance sheet date 31 December the foregoing year.

The information to be reported falls within six main categories:

  1. Business details (financial status, beneficial owners, employees, products, etc.)
  2. Risk assessment and routines
  3. Know your customer-routines
  4. Monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions
  5. Compliance (adherence to AML legislation)
  6. Education


Permian are experts on AML legislation- and routines, and we have detailed knowledge about the reporting form to be filed to FI in this regard. We would be happy to assist Swedish AIF managers with their annual AML reporting for 2017. Permian recommends that AIF managers does not wait too long to prepare and complete the reporting, as a few of the questions and information to be filled in may need some time for considerations and quality checks to be produced.

Please contact Permian if you are interested in us assisting your company with this reporting or have any questions to this article, on

Stockholm, 2 February 2018



Written by Espen I. Størseth 

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