Permian | Fund hotel – Keep your strategic focus!
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Fund hotel – Keep your strategic focus!

The concept is easy to understand.

AIF-managers are responsible for operating independent risk- and portfolio management functions. Given certain criteria, either function may be outsourced to another licensed AIF-manager, while portfolio management may also be outsourced to a company licensed to operate as an active manager under the financial securities act.

Most AIF-managers finding it difficult to operate portfolio management and risk independently or wishing to avoid building overhead, choose to outsource risk management. Permian on the other hand, has chosen to outsource the portfolio management in order to focus on risk and compliance. Working with Permian, both parties do what they are experts on!

The advantages are obvious

Increased requirements from FSA for independent functions, reporting, internal control and risk management are challenging for fund managers. It is expensive and time consuming to process new or changing regulations and it steals focus from the manager’s primary task, which is to make and develop good investments. With Permian to take care of risk and compliance, the portfolio manager can focus on their core business and keep using their resources to give their investors the best possible return.

Permian finds risk and compliance exciting, and keeps up to date on legislative changes. This allows Permian to provide expertise services to fund managers to ensure they remain compliant and at the same time works to keep investors safe.

By checking into the fund hotel, Permian’s front office could be your back office. 

If you have any questions regarding our Fund Hotel, please contact us at 

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