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Join the team: chief accountant

Join the team: chief accountant

Permian is looking for an experienced Chief Accountant with an orientation towards quality and precise reporting. You will have a wide area of tasks and a key role as the central coordinator and expert in our accounting service group. This is a principal role in Permian’s service deliveries in the rapid growing fund management industry. The position provides great opportunities for developing your skills within the implementation and use of IT tools as well as the skills in analysis, reporting and advising internal and external clients.


Your Role

As a Chief accountant, you will have the overall responsibility for the development and the coordination of deliveries of accounting services provided by Permian to funds and fund manager companies. Your work will consist of daily client contact, development of effective routines as well as reporting, analysis and work towards the authorities. All in a close collaboration with colleagues and clients. You will take part in client meetings when discussing reporting, performance, financial solutions and advisory activities.


Typical areas of responsibilities are:

  • Budgeting, forecasting and business simulations
  • Overall responsibility for quality and precision in all deliveries from the accounting organisation
  • Stay up to date on domestic and international standards for accounting
  • Taking part in the preparations of proposals to clients
  • Being Key Account Manager for selected clients
  • Maintaining solutions addressing clients’ challenges within accounting, software applications, interim and statutory financial- and tax reporting
  • Training and managing experienced accountants
  • Cooperating with colleagues and clients across borders
  • Exploiting the opportunities for efficiency improvements through deployment and use of IT
  • Forming your role and involvement in cooperation with the Permian management team


Your background

You have solid and relevant experience, e.g. from having been senior controller or chief accountant in private equity or venture capital businesses. You may alternatively have background from auditing or accounting firms. If you are running your own accounting company and would like to consider becoming a part of a larger organisation you are also welcome to apply. You have an advanced experience in Swedish and preferably international accounting standards as well as operational and practical experience in carrying out year-end closings, statutory reports and tax returns. You should be able to work on several projects in parallel.

As your colleagues will be international, you should master Swedish and English both in writing and speaking.

You should possess social- as well as advisory skills, and you should be able to embrace the Permian values: being precise and challenging, but also caring. As for professional working experiences, you should have learned how to produce documents, reports and how to be a valuable advisor with a practical approach.

You should have a good general understanding of the opportunities, the use- and the operation of IT solutions, which are relevant for the accounting function and be an active user of Excel and data bases. Permian uses modern tools for accounting, reporting, collaborating and sharing as well as general office tools like Excel, PowerPoint, MS Planner and Word.

You should be able to request deliveries, delegate, support and follow up colleagues’ developments, and you should be used to making decisions to the best of the company and clients.

Preferably, you should have a good insight into the reporting requirements for the fund industry, i.e. accounting, company and personal tax, VAT and statutory reporting. You should be able to perform tasks varying from the compilation of data, via analysis, to reporting and improvement suggestions for corrective actions.

You would like to work in a fast growing and rapidly developing international fund industry.



As a new colleague, you will start up by going through an induction program to rapidly get to know your new colleagues, services, clients and the Management System, as well as the office practical routines. Permian is actively promoting balance in gender and nationalities.

You will at all times experience market based salaries, contribution to personal physical care and solid pension contribution through collective arrangements.

You should expect some travelling in connections to client work, seminars and internal arrangements.

At Permian, we focus on a nice and pleasant working atmosphere, and we remember to have fun!



You are welcome to contact us for any questions about the job, our company or the process. For more information, please contact the Managing partner Ben Guren ( +47 479 40 000 ), the HR partner Marianne Normann (  +47 416 92 662 ) or the Country Manager Anna Nord (+46 (0)723 305 331).




We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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