Permian | Permian is ready to meet 2021 with strength, stability and growth
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Permian is ready to meet 2021 with strength, stability and growth

With changes in management and increased investments in system support, Permian is ready to take on a new year. Their strengthened focus on internal group functions and increased stability in system deliveries may provide healthy and sustainable prosperity for the company and its customers.

– 2021 will be the year we take the consequences from being a smaller company to becoming a medium-sized company. We have already started to prepare the company to meet the demands of being a medium-sized company. We have effectively strengthened the organization at every level, says Marianne Normann, CEO of the Permian group.

From having held different management roles in Permian group, Marianne was appointed CEO for the Permian group in October. Former CEO Ben Guren stepped into the role of Chief Growth Officer for the group.

– Growth is crucial for enabling development opportunities, energy in the organization and promotions among employees. Competitive wage conditions are important, but challenges and growth opportunities are also key for employees to prosper. Employees are our single most important input factor, and we must make sure that we manage to retain good employees over time. The way our workforce develops is something our customers pays close attention to, says Marianne.

Managing director in place in Sweden

By 2021, it has been decided that two existing employees will take on new roles.

Ida Lindell Stefanik, who until now has been the COO in Sweden, will take the role of managing director of Permian Administration AB. So far, the company has been led by former group CEO Ben Guren.

In Norway, Susanne Berge Hansen will enter the role of managing director of Permian Business Partner together with the current leader Anette Burum. Susanne has a background as a fund administrator, and will work closely with Burum, head of accounting and tax. This collaboration will secure further growth and development, as well as focus on quality in client deliveries.

The Permian Group’s two largest companies will thus have new managers with the overall responsibility for customer deliveries, product development, marketing, reporting and recruitment across the business units.

– It has been an important step to put in place dedicated and well qualified leaders. They will strengthen Permian’s development and growth, says Normann.”

Strengthening support functions

Permian has always believed – and invested heavily – in the IT platform. Increased ambitions and developments within the area yields a need for increased IT resources. During spring 2021 a full-time dedicated resource will be hired.

The system set-up includes everything from FIS Investran, Escali, various accounting systems, investor onboarding systems to Office 365 and electronic signature systems. The key lies within purchasing the best support systems and making them work together efficiently.

– Especially under Covid-19, having the right systems has been a great advantage. Both ourselves and our customers have worked almost exclusively from home, and Microsoft Teams has become the natural meeting venue. Permian uses Microsoft Teams for everything from customer meetings and job interviews to virtual coffee talks.

Family office services

Permian has also strengthened its focus on the Nordic Family offices segment.

Several wealthy and well-known families and multi-family offices are searching for a professional outsourcing partner to manage their family funds. In this segment Permian is acting as an independent third-party that handles transactions, reporting, administration, accounting, systems support and tax.

– There is dedicated expert team working with family offices, including Rune Selmar. They will follow up on investments and handle day-to-day operations, including system support.

Rune Selmar has previously worked as CEO of the Government Pension Fund Norway (Folketrygdfondet) and as CEO of Odin Fund Management. He was appointed Managing Director of Permian Fund Services in June 2020.

Permian is looking forward to 2021 with a brand-new focus area, newly appointed leaders and a strong team consisting of more than 40 professionals ready to do “Everything correct” in every delivery for their valued customers.

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