Permian | Summer Greetings!
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Summer Greetings!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
― Henry James


Dear Clients, Business Friends and Contacts,


As the summer vacation time is rapidly approaching, we would like to wish you a great time off, full of sun and joy! It has been a busy spring season and we are looking forward to continued contact and collaboration after the summer break.


During last 12 months Permian group has achieved a few milestones we’d like to share with you

  • Permian fund hotel – Permian established the first Norwegian AIFM fund hotel ever.  This initiative was referred to by the leading Norwegian Financial Magazine KAPITAL as “The Fund Managers’ AirBnB” as an acknowledgement of how the fund hotel’s core value proposition representing an opportunity to share key infrastructure for AIFM fund management with other leading AIFM fund managers.
  • Continued strong growth– Permian reached 30 employees in Norway and Sweden – and took valuable steps towards becoming the leading Nordic AIFM fund administrator.
  • New offices Sweden – Permian moved to new, representative offices in Stockholm during spring.  You are welcome to visit us in Kungsgatan 64, 111 22 Stockholm.


There is even more to achieve after the summer and we are already looking forward to the exciting time ahead!


Have a Wonderful and Relaxing Summer Holiday!


Best regards,

Permian Group

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