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About Permian

About Us


Permian Group


Permian is a leading Nordic fund administrator with offices located centrally in Stockholm and Oslo. The group offers a complete set of business support services designed for investment firms, family offices, funds, fund managers, trusts, associations and foreign companies seeking local representation in Norway or Sweden. Our vision is to make clients’ business operate faster, easier, better and within the framework of full compliance.


“Everything correct ”
Supporting the AIF industry
Licensed AIF Manager and Fund Administrator


 In 2016, Permian became a licensed AIF Manager and may establish, market and manage funds operating under the AIFM Directive. Permian also delivers a variety of fund administration and accounting services. AIF Depository AS, a fully owned subsidiary, has been approved to provide depository services as set out under AIFMD.

World class customer service


Professional and dedicated


Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is at the core of our business. At Permian, we make sure our clients always have access to a dedicated professional. All of our employees are experienced in handling complex issues on behalf of the investment firms, funds and fund managers. We are focused on staying close to the industry, observing and engaging in changes in order to be able to serve our customers at the highest level of excellence.