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About Permian



Professionals with passion for accuracy



Permian is a leading Nordic fund administrator with offices located centrally in Oslo and Stockholm. Permian delivers a full set of business support services designed for investment firms, family offices, funds, fund managers, trusts, associations and foreign companies seeking local representative.

Our mission statement is “Everything Correct!”. Important values in working towards that goal is that we are precise and challenging but that we are also team players with great respect for each other and our customers. We wish to play a part in making it possible for our clients to operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.


“Everything correct – Always!”
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Permian offers a comprehensive range of services designed for private equity, venture capital, real estate and investment companies, as well as for family offices, foundations and associations. By following the finance sector and fund industry closely, we are always up to date with the newest trends and changes in the market.


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Permian offers a range of services tailored for our customers and to the industry. We are ready to assist with finance & accounting, AIF depository, corporate governance, advisory and more.




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As the company grows on a fast pace, we are constantly looking for talented and motivated employees. Check out our open positions if you are interested in joining us on out journey






AIF Depository



Following the introduction of the AIFM Directive, fund managers require industry-specific depository services. The depository shall monitor and control the fund’s activities to ensure compliance with legislation and shareholders’ agreements. Permian is a specialised supplier of the fund administration and liquidity management services to mutual funds and investment companies, and has in practice performed the key depository tasks for its clients since established in 2007.



Roald Amundsens gate 6

0161 Oslo


Tlf.: +47 23 35 83 80



Kungsgatan 64

111 22 Stockholm


Tlf.: +46 (0)8 7450202


Managing Director

Ben Guren

Mobile.: +47 479 40 000

Portfolio Manager/Group COO

Axel Høvo Daasvand

Mobile: +47 911 82 765

Managing Director

Marianne Normann

Mobile: +47 416 92 662

COO Sweden

Victoria Mårtensson

Mobile: +46 72 330 53 31



Our thoughts & industry news

Er du fersk økonom med interesse for fond, IT-systemer og regnskap?

Permian er et raskt voksende og innovativt selskap, med mål om å være den ledende nordiske fondsadministratoren. Som spesialist innen fondsadministrasjon tilbyr Permian-gruppen et bredt spekter av tjenester til nordiske private equity-aktører, herunder fondsadministrasjon, fondshotell, rapportering, cash management, internkontroll, risk management, depot og regnskap. Våre…

Vil du jobbe med private equity og er både fremoverlent og nøyaktig?

Permian-gruppen er et konsern med ambisjoner og opplever sterk vekst.  Vi er cirka 30 ansatte fordelt på kontorer i Oslo og Stockholm. Permian-gruppen yter tjenester til private equity (alternative investeringsfond) og investeringsselskaper, herunder forvaltning, fondsadministrasjon, regnskap, risk management og compliance, controlling og depotmottak. Våre kunder…

PE vs SDGs

As climate change becomes a more pressing threat to our community, in January 2016 the UN introduced Sustainable development goals (SDGs), which have been adopted to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. The SDGs focus on the biggest issues such as poverty,…

EuVECA – Stricter Conflict of Interest Regulation

On 22 May 2019, the EU Commission published a delegated regulation supplementing the already effective EuVECA regulation, imposing stricter requirements on EuVECA fund-managers’ handling of conflicts of interest. To enable EuVECA managers to adapt to the new requirements, the date of application of the delegated regulation is deferred…

AIF-forvaltere: Risk & Compliance – stadig mer krevende

I 2018 ble GDPR innført via ny personopplysningslov og det kom også en oppdatert hvitvaskingslov. Vi venter på innføring av PRIIPS-forordningen og nye krav til oppfølging av ESG og «sustainability risk» for alternative investeringsfond. Finansbransjen har de seneste årene vært gjenstand for stadig strengere regulering…

Er du fersk økonom med interesse for fond, IT-systemer og regnskap?

Permian er et raskt voksende og innovativt selskap, med mål om å være den ledende nordiske fondsadministratoren. Våre kunder har ca NOK 25-30 milliarder kroner under forvaltning, fordelt på rundt 150 investeringsselskaper og alternative investeringsfond. Som spesialist innen fondsadministrasjon tilbyr Permian-gruppen et bredt spekter av...