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Transaction support



Transaction support


Permian is assisting in executing pre-transaction work , i.e. when doing investments, divestments, mergers, demergers or carve outs.


Examples of services provided are:

  • Extraction of data from accounting and business intelligence system.
  • Databook: A compilation of financial data for the last 3-5 years is often required before a company is entering a sales phase. Based on management reports, extraction from the accounting system and other relevant sources of information Permian can compile all financial data in a structured manner in a databook. This is often the step before a financial due diligence is entered, and a requirement for an effective due diligence process.


Population and maintenance of dataroom: When carrying out a transaction several documents will be required to be structured/indexed and uploaded. Permian has a good understanding of the relevant documents and can represent an extension of the organisations own capacity.

For more information, please contact
Marianne Normann

Managing Director Permian Group

Mobile: +47 41692662